Allocating the wedding budget

1. Toastmaster, host, DJ – the services of these professionals are ordered to celebrate the success of the holiday. A good host, after the wedding, your guests, friends, relatives will be happy, and for a long time will remember your wedding, all the pleasant and fun moments. Who you need a modern presenter or toastmaster to decide for you. These professionals work for the public and are booked to get your guests excited about your wedding. A wedding without a presenter will be boring.

2. Wedding photographer and video operator – the services of these people are booked not for the delight of your guests, but for personal aesthetic satisfaction. If you like photos or videos of the operator, the photographer should boldly order it. Your wedding photos to look at in the future you, your parents, children, grandchildren. If you are advised to hire a photographer relatives, but you do not like his work, there is no point in hiring such a photographer. The photographer and videographer at your wedding are your people, they work exclusively for you and make your wedding memorable just for you. Unlike everyone else, the photographer and videographer are with you from the morning.

3. Makeup artists, stylists – just like photo-video, work with you, but only in the morning. From their work depends on the mood of the bride, as correctly styled hair and makeup will be good for both photos and video, and in the restaurant you will be beautiful and irresistible.

4. Drivers are also very important, on their experience depends how quickly you will get to the right places during the walk. If your wedding is on Friday, and on Friday in Toronto can be a lot of traffic, ask the company where you will rent a car, about the experience of the driver and knowledge of Toronto.


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