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The mate at the wedding is given one of the most important roles. He probably occupies the most honorable place after the groom himself. In addition, on the shoulders of the witness falls considerable responsibility. Therefore, it is worth knowing all the “rights and duties” of a friend. What should be a witness? The witness […]
Wedding contingencies, force majeure. Help for the groom, the bride, the photographer’s recommendations – the most common force majeure wedding situations. The bride’s dress. The wedding dress can create complications. The white one is always apt to get dirty. In this case, if you or someone unkind put a stain on your dress, then it […]
Wedding banquet should be held, as you know, in a special room that is fully suitable for this purpose. Fortunately, there are now a lot of banquet halls, they can be of different sizes and different styles, so there is something to choose from, but you still need to know the basic rules that will […]
1. Toastmaster, host, DJ – the services of these professionals are ordered to celebrate the success of the holiday. A good host, after the wedding, your guests, friends, relatives will be happy, and for a long time will remember your wedding, all the pleasant and fun moments. Who you need a modern presenter or toastmaster […]
Many newlyweds ask the question about the use of accessories during the photoshoot. What you can take to the photo session, the most common accessories to diversify the wedding photos. 1. Plaid, will allow you to sit on the grass, while taking a basket of fruit. 2. Smoke bombs – in different colors. A very […]