Duties of the groom’s witness at the wedding

The mate at the wedding is given one of the most important roles. He probably occupies the most honorable place after the groom himself. In addition, on the shoulders of the witness falls considerable responsibility. Therefore, it is worth knowing all the “rights and duties” of a friend.

What should be a witness?

The witness at the wedding represents fervor and fun, so he should behave accordingly. Before the wedding, it is necessary to prepare. Almost all the attention will be focused on the witness. He will have the right to the first toast, which should certainly be said deeply and fervently.

Since the boyfriend is in the spotlight, he should have in stock a couple of three original toasts and thematic jokes. The witness at the wedding needs to be:

– cheerful and perky;

– resistant to the consumption of alcoholic beverages;

– positive and energetic;

– witty and proactive.

Pre-wedding duties of a witness.

The mate needs to do a lot of things even before the excitement of the day. Witness to assist the groom in all matters of life, from choosing a suit, and ending with the choice of wedding restaurant. A friend of the groom to take care of the entertainment program, if the ceremony will not be present toastmaster.

Of course, the witness should take care that the last single day of life of the groom was truly delightful. Therefore, he should engage in preparation of the bachelor party.

It is better to organize this grand event a few days before the wedding ceremony, as the bachelor party has a lot of hot drinks at your disposal. On the shoulders of the witness also passes the organization of the event, the choice of the venue and the festive menu.

On the most important day, the witness should visit the groom from the morning and accompany him to the end of the celebration. The witness is supposed to cheer up the groom and make sure that the necessary items are not forgotten. The buddy needs to have wedding paraphernalia and bills for the bride’s ransom in his possession.

It is the duty of the boyfriend to organize the wedding cortege. At the Registry Office, the witnesses present the rings to the young couple and sign, which seals the marriage. After the long-awaited kiss of the newlyweds, the boyfriend is among the first to congratulate the couple. The boyfriend is also supposed to accept bouquets and gifts, so as not to burden the young couple.

When the young family leaves the wedding palace, the boyfriend should command the guests, shouting “bitterly” and showering rose petals on the young couple. The witness at the wedding oversees the organization of the photoshoot, as well as actively involved in it. Buddy is supposed to look after buddy and open the door of the limo.

On shoulders, boyfriend has a responsible mission to watch the champagne and serve glasses to the newlyweds. At the banquet the witness will have the honor to congratulate the young people and say the original toast. As well as help in the organization of the banquet, to participate in all contests and amuse the guests.


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