Wedding contingencies, force majeure. Help for the groom, the bride, the photographer’s recommendations – the most common force majeure wedding situations.

The bride’s dress.

The wedding dress can create complications. The white one is always apt to get dirty. In this case, if you or someone unkind put a stain on your dress, then it is imperative to remove or camouflage it. To do this, sprinkle the stain with salt or baby powder. The second problem is the zipper, which will not zipper, so that the zipper does not jam, take a candle wax and lubricate the zipper in the problem area, and everything will be fine, but in no case do not use soap, which will not create this effect, and then it is very difficult to withdraw.


Was the groom so worried that he forgot the rings at home?

The first option – send the fastest to get the rings, if there is no time, then try to negotiate in the registry office that your registration switched places with the couple who will register, after you, if, of course, they have already arrived by then.

The second option is to find the nearest jewelry store and buy the cheapest rings.

The third option is to take it as a joke and make rings out of improvised materials: foil, grass, thread, etc.

A fourth option is to ask your parents (beautiful and touching).

In any case, no matter what kind of force majeure situations stranded you at the wedding – you can always find a way to resolve them, because you will not have a second such wedding. The main thing is not to panic, not to think that this is a sign from above, but only the last test to test your feelings, which you with dignity and humor must overcome on the way to a happy and long family life.


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